[rice line is how do]

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Now nowadays, no matter be,be being returned in south is northward, rice line is a commonner provision in restaurant, it basically is the traditional food with a delicate nutrition that regards our country as southern province at first, get of the crowd of each age level love, boil as a result of it make time weak point, nutrition is rich, delicate and goluptious, market demand is very big also, now already by place of the people of the whole country hep and admit, so rice line is how to make those who come, need what raw material, pass what kind of course.

How is rice line made

Rice line distributes line of rice of the oar that it is acid and line of dry pulp rice, because line of acerbity oar rice makes cycle grow quite, make to the family have restriction of a few conditions, here says the making method of lines of next dry pulp rice.

1, in pouring rice the bucket, immerse half hours with cold water. Specific the amount that more or less wants according to oneself comes.

2, has immersed rice fish out, accuse to do moisture.

3, grind the rice that accuses dry water into with rock roller farinaceous, if do not have, with disintegrator, other perhaps stage property hits rice into farinaceous can.

4, water and rice face in proportion become reconciled, specific the amount that increases extent of rice of basis of how many water will decide, cannot too soft.

5, become reconciled press into rice line with the machine that control[……]

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[how to do palace to protect chicken Ding Cai is delicious]

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In our country famous dish is tasted in, palace keeps gallinaceous man can be in order to say to enjoyShanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai noblePraise a cate of China and foreign countries, also be a delegate of Chinese dish. Palace keeps gallinaceous man advocate expecting is chicken, join a few pignut and cucumber, color is very good-looking. But how to do palace to protect chicken is Ding Cai delicious? Making food want exquisite duration, calculate it is identical using expects, if duration differs to also can have the taste that do not have, preliminary the person that does palace to keep gallinaceous man should practice a few times more.

How to do palace to protect chicken Ding Cai is delicious

“Palace keeps gallinaceous man crimson of colour and lustre is inviting, acerbity hot mouth, chicken slips tender, pignut bright is fragile, green Chinese onionA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaIt may not be a bad idea eats. Be together superForum of Shanghai noble baby Shanghai noble babyIssue meal, a lot of restaurant have palace to protect gallinaceous Ding Gai to irrigate a meal, protect gallinaceous fourth area with palace. How it is amiable it is thus clear that, it how dismiss is OK to how dismiss ha! “

Feed material detail

Advocate makings

Gallinaceous brisketFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

Right amount

Complementary expect

Green Chinese onion

Right amount

Deepfry pignut

Right amount

Chili paragraph

Right amount



1/3 teaspoon

Be born smoke


Old smoke

Two teaspoon

Sweet vinegar




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[the practice of kylin aubergine]

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In aubergineLove Shanghai is the same as city forum Love Shanghai is the same as a cityContain very rich vitamin P, vitamin C, have reduce blood sugar, defer consenescence, avoid the powerful effect such as constipation, for the woman that has dysmenorrhoea to those especially, eat aubergine to still be had appropriately alleviate the action of dysmenorrhoea symptom? The diversity having a way of aubergine, can match the flesh kind boil together feed. Namely aubergine of make it kylin, can the component of play alimental nutrition of utmost of collocation of element of meat or fish, so specific make delicate kylin aubergine?

The practice of kylin aubergine

1 kylin aubergine practice

With makings

Advocate makings

Ground meat 300 overcome

Aubergine 2 root

Scamper makings

Be born draw 2 spoon

Salt 5 overcome

Cooking wine 2 spoon

Starch is right amount

Forum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night netPepper 0.5 spoon

Soup juice expects

Be born draw 1 spoon

Cooking wine 1 spoon

Oyster sauce 2 spoon

30g of Pi county thick broad-bean sauce

White sugar 2 teaspoon

Garlic 10g

Ginger 10g

Green 10g

Water 300ml

The practice of kylin aubergine


1 aubergine goes supporting, beautiful knife cuts Cheng Qilin to carry on the back.

2 take chopped meat, join salt, cooking wine, pepper, unripe smoke, agitate is become equably mushy.

Meat stuffing of 3 a place of strategic importance enters aubergine in, get on amylaceous and even shakedown in aubergine, prevent scamper paste.

Blast of 4 oily boiler comes meat stuffing is brown, can remove boiler[……]

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[the practice of all sorts of fried chicken hamburger]

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As social change fast now Western-style food goes into the life, fried chicken and hamburger are the child and youth prefer eating food, but the food of deepfry is not be health, eat less nevertheless a few also did not hinder greatly. Best oneself make such fried chicken and hamburger more healthy, introduced the practice about all sorts of fried chicken hamburger below.

Fried chicken practice

 The practice of all sorts of fried chicken hamburger

Drumstick 2, amylaceous 2 big spoon, egg 1, biscuit pink is right amount, salt, cooking wine, zi like that pink, flour 5 big spoon.

Dry water of abluent, drop divides 1. general drumstick, delimit with the knife a few path hind are put into the bowl, join salt, cooking wine, zi like that pink bloats be soiled 2 hours.

Salt of 2. general a few, flour, starch is put into big bowl to mix even, add shift of right amount water1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiInto mushy, infiltrate egg agitate becomes egg panada equably again.

3. will bloat be soiled is enteredShanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai nobleAfter the drumstick of flavour touchs the panada that wrap an egg equably, touch again wrap pink of a biscuit.

Heat is burned into enough oil in 4. boiler, put drumstick, with in small fire fly into rage shows golden crisp to the surface, fish out drop does oily cent can.

Hamburger practice:

 The practice of all sorts of fried chicken hamburger

1, go to a supermarket buying hamburger to big above all, with hamburger cake (refrigerant place some sells the supermarket, come home one blast can. OK al[……]

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