[taro circle has been done how to save]

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Taro is round actuallyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble Shanghai noble baby communicates an areaIt is what everybody identifies1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendThe polished glutinous rice of knowledge and sweet taro, yam, this kind of thing is made and become, mix the desert is about the same, it is the cate of the area austral Fujian, when making taro circle, had better not boil too much taro, because if do not have,eat at that time, it is to cannot be put below normal temperature too long, if if put taro circle,eat refrigerator, time grows it to also can affect mouthfeel, it is to become farinose even. What tweak to if want to save taro circle,have then?

Taro circle has been done how to save

1.3-4 day can be saved below normal temperature, the proposal after refrigeration is put instantly coldNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the cityTibet.

2.Put cold storage to be able to be saved 5 days or so.

3.The proposal is received put refrigerant, the cold ark of general store family expenses is made an appointment with – 5 degrees can save about 2 weeks or so, if have,the family uses freezer freezer compartment – 18 degrees the following, can save 2 months above.

The 4 bleb that use ice 3 arrive 5 minutes, put into normal temperature water to deposit again. Can compare Q to play. As to deposit means, if say as soon as possible edible, it is to put normal temperature water to deposit won’t adhesion, if say to lie between day edible, put freezer refrigerant go. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make frien[……]

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[Qiu Kui and towel gourd can eat together]

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Abelmosk is a very good vegetable, inside the home almost whenever arrive summer, everybody can eat Qiu Kui, abelmosk can open blood vessel not just, still can promote metabolism, in abelmosk mucous have very big gain to the body, and sweet Qiu Kui and towel gourd also are excellent collocation, abelmosk adds towel gourd one case Bao soup, the meeting on mouthfeel is exceedingly marvellous, and still can match with a lot of food.

Can abelmosk and towel gourd eat together

Feed capable person

Advocate makings abelmosk 3 towel gourd 3 complementary material oil are right amount salt is right amount white sugar 3 valve of 1 spoon garlic are sweet vinegar 1 spoon


Flay of 1. towel gourd is abluent, qiu Kui is abluent

2. towel gourd and Qiu Kui cut hob respectively piece

3. garlic is patted flat cut a little one below

4. heats up boiler cool oil, garlic is entered below explode sweet

5. plays towel gourd, add a few salt to break up fry equably

Qiu Kui is joined after 6. waits for towel gourd molten to give water, drench one spoon sweet vinegar

7. adds touch finally salt and white sugar flavor can

Small stick person

Smell of itself towel gourd is sweet do not put into condiment too much

Place needs to feed capable person

Towel gourd right amount

Qiu Kui is right amount

Egg right amount

Corn is oily right amount

Salt right amount

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Gallinaceous essence right amount

Can abelmosk and towel gourd eat together

The method that make

1. place needs to feed capable person,[……]

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