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Gastritis is constantShanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai nobleSee disease, the symptom is relatively apparent after coming on, meeting epigastrium is aching after a lot of patients got gastritis, this kind aches or be durative or it is clonic, and be in ache while accompany abdomen full bilge feeling, there can be abdominal and acuteness ache to feel after few number patient breaks out. Still patient of a few gastritis can have vomiting and disgusting appearance. After getting gastritis, be in dietary respect must special attention, a lot of things can not take.

What does gastritis food contraindication have

The patient is in acute period often has vomiting, the symptom such as diarrhoea. Because dehydrate more, compensatory and many liquid should notice on food, can furnish fresh fruit juice, lotus root starch, rice water, the spoon meat such as egg soup, answer to water in great quantities, take off what water accelerates toxin in order to alleviate to excrete. After waiting for an illness to alleviate, can flow partly to little broken bits feed, transfer gradually soft meal of little broken bits. Dietary content should not have stimulation, little fiber, be like rice congee, a soup, and but right amount choose steamed bread doing to wait.

To reduce gastric bowel burden, answer to eat much food less, one day dines 5~6 second relatively appropriate. Sexual gastritis patient should try to eliminate cause an element. If treat chronic gastritis thoroughly, avoid to have exciting hot, good food and remedy to[……]

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