Fujian produces mussel to appear on the market in great quantities the flesh is qualitative delicious by praise ” the egg in the sea “

Mussel: The egg in the sea in masses mouth

Mussel works

Say mussel has some of person to feel unfamiliar, but say mussel everybody knows. Annual 78 month, be the season with most delicious mussel of the East China Sea. The mussel that Fujian produces has appeared on the market in great quantities, eat guests to want a flower only on 10 come yuan of money, enough beauty of person allowing the home eats beautifully on one times. Mussel is one of the commonnest sea products on table of Fujian person summer. This period, we taste mussel together.

The flesh is qualitative delicious price is substantial

The mussel that big the daily life of a family says, formal name mussel, a kind be Hai Bang, thoroughly cook hull insolation and become, because boil,salt was not added when making, friend says mussel. Mussel taste is extremely little, nutrition is very rich also, what it contains protein, iodic, calcium and Tiedoubi more, but be contained adipose and very few. Mussel originates in the province such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Liaoning coastal.

Fresh the seafood that mussel is in a popular style is tasted, can evaporate, boil those who feed, after also can rinding, mix with other green vegetables fry. Of know the business feed the home, those who take a fancy to is the flesh pledges thick, flavour is delicious, need to wash clean down to be able to leave boiler directly in crust of clear water lieutenant general only normally, when boiling, what dressin上海夜网 阿爱上海同城g need not be added,[……]

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