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Gallinaceous gall bladder is gallinaceous bravery, after passing a gallinaceous bravery bake, became Chinese traditional medicine gallinaceous gall bladder, the effect that treats field of children whooping cough is very good. Other explicit treatment is slow1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The gender is bronchitic and the effect of respect of children bacterium dysentery is pretty good, it is a kind of commonner Chinese traditional medicine, have certain antiphlogistic effect, in precaution effect of phlegmy much cough is very good, suit the cure of children very much, side effect is very little.

What does effect of effect of gallinaceous gall bladder have

① treats whooping cough

The 1st day of Jing after be being taken commonly coughs the frequency decreases significantly namely, jing coughs time shortens greatly, cough of sex of 5 days of convulsion stops 4 ~ . Usage: delicacy of gallinaceous gall bladder juice adds candy smooth to be taken orally, 1 year old of less than every time 1/4, 2 ~ 3 years old every time 1/2, 3 ~ 5 years old every time 1, 5 ~ 7 years old every time 2. 7 ~ 12 years old every time 3 ~ 4, all day is taken 2 times.

What does effect of effect of gallinaceous gall bladder have

② treats chronic tracheitis

Study in recent years, gallinaceous bile has antiphlogistic effect, some units already made gallinaceous bile tablet. According to preliminary observation, gallinaceous bravery piece have diminish inflammation, relieve a cough, the effect of make expectoration easy, yellow to cough up phlegmy (solid heat) or grey. Green, white, stick phlegmy (Xu Han) person curative effect all better. Usage: Gallinaceous bravery piece every time 3 (be equivalent to gallinaceous bile every pieces 3 milliliter) , or bravery of chicken of medicine made of two or more ingredients piece every time 2 (contain every pieces condense gallinaceous bile 0.2 grams, ephedrine 10 milligram) , all day is taken 3 times. Observe 250, clinical cure 69 (27.6%) , show effect 60 (24%) , improve 89 (35.6%) , invalid 32 (12.8%) , always businesslike for 87.2% . Major patient is taking gallinaceous courage piece especially bravery of chicken of medicine made of two or more ingredients piece hind, feel laryngeal and relieved, phlegmy easy cough up goes out, phlegmy quantity decreases apparently. But after several people take drug, seldom feel1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Buccal hemp, flustered or disgusting, bellyacke. Yi YoulinA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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After the bed is cured, because of catch a cold and having a relapse, use gallinaceous a badder-like inner container again piece cure. Reason chicken bravery piece have favorable near future curative effect to chronic tracheitis, and long-dated curative effect remains to observe further. Occupy a story additionally, extract active ingredient from inside gallinaceous bile – goose deoxygenate cholic acid, at the beginning of classicsA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Pace curb bacterium and pharmacodynamics experiment, its action and gallinaceous bile are basic and identical, and intensity exceeds far. Think to have stronger diminish inflammation after clinical try out, relieve a cough, action of make expectoration easy, but smooth asthma working is younger, reason is right pure model tracheitis curative effect is optimal. Its get effective time, fast person half hours, slow person 3 ~ 4 days, long-dated curative effect still waits for farther observation. After goose deoxygenate cholic acid is taken, have 60 ~ the case of 80% appears the enteron of different level stimulates a symptom, the glowing feeling of the toot that be like bowel, bellyacke, diarrhoea or stomach and esophagus. Great majority reaction is slight, only minority is more acuteness. Water is drunk more when taking drug or take after the meal all can reduce side effect. Individual because of having ulcer of stomach, duodenum side effect is more serious person, the Dang that take Lang piece can alleviate.

What does effect of effect of gallinaceous gall bladder have

③ treats children bacterium dysentery

Treatment of gall bladder of chicken extraction delicacy is dryFall in love with the seaFall in love with the sea

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Levigation, add right amount lactose to make 25% bravery pink. Daily volume: 1 year old of less than 1 gram, 1 ~ 2 years old of 1.6 grams, 2 ~ 5 years old of 2 grams. 3 times cent is taken. Treat more than 20, outside dividing the person that have amalgamative disease, all be in 1 ~ 3 days of heal. The experiment proves, this tasting to notting dysenteric bacili has the family name inhibition.