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The zhongzi is people most a kind of food that like, not only can make it is sweet the zhongzi also can make salty zhongzi at the same time, and edible is alkaline it is the common thing on diet, doing sweet zhongzi when OK and proper affiliation a few edible are alkaline, can prevent a zhongzi so too sweet be bored with, with the feeling with tacky mouthfeel.

Sweet the zhongzi can put edible alkaline do a zhongzi to must put this

Bag zhongzi should be put alkaline

Not certain. Specific what should see you wrap is what zhongzi. If be buck Zong,should put like that right amount alkaline, if of the bag is not buck palm,can do not have necessary. Edible is added in the zhongzi alkaline, it is the practice of buck Zong, general zhongzi need not add edible alkaline.

Sweet the zhongzi can put edible alkaline do a zhongzi to must put this

Why is bag zhongzi put alkaline

Put edible alkaline can let viscosity increase, taste stick stick. Put alkaline also be to shorten the evaporate of the zhongzi cooks time, make polished glutinous rice softer slippery, colour and lustre is goldener. Nevertheless, polished glutinous rice immerses for some time first, immerse time is a few longer also can have afore-mentioned effect. So, if notForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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It is to do buck Zong, it is to shorten only time, not necessary so do. Of course, slant as a result of material of Zong of polished glutinous rice acerbity, put alkalescent the taste that feeds material to be able to maintain a zhongzi is more little.

Sweet the zhongzi can put edible alkaline do a zhongzi to must put this

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What is buck Zong

Buck Zong is a kind of the zhongzi. Because feed,is buck in material and get a name. Buck Zong contains potassium carbonate, make a zhongzi chromatic, add sweet. Immerse polished glutinous rice with buck night, the polished glutinous rice after bubble fizzles out slightly, drop does zhongzi of the bag after water. After the zhongzi is thoroughlied cook, bamboo Ruo shucks when eating, those who appear is golden color. Unlock Zong Ruo, can smell general and peculiar distinct fragrance, facilitate again digest. Than common sweet the zhongzi is delicious. Apt has someone the zhongzi of this kind of taste. But delicate and goluptious zhongzi is not each people can eat, especially salt water palm, palm of this kind of salt water is oldLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Person and child must not have more.

How much does buck Zong put alkaline

Should a jin of polished glutinous rice put bag zhongzi how many alkaline? Scale should control in 600: 38, if that is to say uses the polished glutinous rice of 600 grams, opposite ground should match the buck of 38 grams.

The practice of buck Zong

Material: 750g of polished glutinous rice, edible is alkaline 1 spoon, oil Xie Kuo of 10 grams, Zong measures 10 grams, salt


Day of head of 1. Zong leaf immerses after boiled water has been ironed, cut go to 2 reserving.

2. polished glutinous rice is abluent put aside oneForum of Shanghai night net

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Spoon edible is alkaline.

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3. general polished glutinous rice and alkaline mix divide evenly.

4. overlaps leaf of 2 pieces of Zong, fold in bottom triangularly.

5. puts the polished glutinous rice of the half, use chopstick jab a few times to make grain of rice close solid.

6. uses cram of triangle of general of polished glutinous rice, squeezing ramming.

7. comes down the Zong Xie Gai of upside.

8. holds 2 edges.

9. general the rest of leaf is folded to at the same time.

10. is circled a few rounds with bombazine line.

11. ties up.

12. puts the zhongzi that has wrapped electric pot for cooking rice.

13. adds enough cold water, water should have done not have a zhongzi, boil 60 minutes.

Waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall often goes out after 14. boils good zhongzi nature to cool can.

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