Incident of assault of Israel south station is sent 2 dead 6 injuries

18 days of eve爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ning happening assault the station in the center of city of Xie Ba of Er of Israel south shellfish incident, cause the 2 people death that includes charger inside, additionally 6 people get hurt.


amuli of Israel police spokesman says爱上海同城手机版

, the charger that carries musket, handgun and sword enters Beierxieba that evening the station central, shoot to the crowd inside the station, hold Dao Xi to attack a crowd, cause 1 to die with sergeant arms, at least 6 people are injured, the much in the person that hurt is a police. Additional, a charger is beaten dead on the spot by police.


ent, charger identity has not decide.

Because in pass in and out with the police Dong Ye road scatters the crossing of cold Palestinian living area to set roadblock and checkpoint, scatter cold Jew at Dong Ye road first in 18 days the setting keeps apart a wall temporarily between community and community of a Palestinian, jerusalem in last few days security bureau situation takes a favourable turn somewhat, but incident of other area assault still has happen.

Nearly 3 weeks come, with army be in with the Palestinian the bank produces Jordan continuously on the west violent conflict, the Palestinian also happens cease上海夜网

lessly in the light of assault incident of the Israeli. The basis is counted with the government 爱上海同城

word, already produced assault many cases 20 up to now, cause 8 Israelis death, many 90 Israeli gets hurt. Ba Weisheng department says, conflict causes 43 Palestinians death, nearly 2000 people are injured, hundreds person by with army arrest.