British Oxford enter a school applies for face examination questions to announce: Pirate how divide the spoils

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Oxford announced enter a school to apply for face examination questions recently. (picture origin: British media)

British Oxford is long negative great reputation, the person that has tens of thousands of every year applies for to read this school. Want to show itself in everybody, want to have enough actual strength of course. According to England ” daily Post ” will report on October 12, oxford announced the face examination questions of the applicant that is aimed at different course recently, might as well will try.

1, British literature: ?

Stick person: Many students are to look at ” Ha Libo is special ” grown, also should meet the new book that goes seeing Luo Lin write grown reader, because this behoove can be told,give those who contact two kinds of different books to experience. Moreover, want a student to tell ” Ha Libo is special ” , it is easy to always discuss上海贵族宝贝

Shakespeare than wanting them.

2, history: Do you want to which historical figure visit most? Why?

Stick person: The student should find out likely target to undertake interviewing. Before liking for example flower the student of white generation of queen Yi Li Sha, the hope knows her chief style, the boy or girl friend that wants a visit should be her courtier or ministerial official, is not her herself.

3. medicine: Why to do the heartbeat when motion to you can be accelerated when you?

Stick person: The answer is very simple, because the body wants to provide more oxygen and nourishment for muscle, and purify metabolization child.

4. contemporary linguistics: What is a language?

Stick person: This is a regular meeting the problem that just can appear when panel discussion. But notable is, the student should point out is what element makes them want to learn some kind of language.

5. is geographical: If I want to visit the area that you live, to what can I be interested?


Stick person: What actually this problem makes an on-the-spot investigation is examinee whether practicably manage thinking will ponder over the daily environment all round. This announced they are right all ro新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

und the curious degree of the world.

6, law: If stop,have penalty to jockeying on double yellow line, because this does not have a person so did, so this or a j新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ust and efficient law?

Stick person: Examinee does not need to give out to this problem to the fault. They need to prove they realize what appear from this all sorts of problems. Can distinguish justice and effective it is best. A fair statute is likely won’t be successful, vice versa.

7, biologic examinee: Why do a lot of animals have streak?

The main purpose of this problem is to let examinee ponder over biologic topic, let their place oneself live at getting used to the earth successfully in this setting. Examinee can think what animal has streak first, ponder over the sort that these animal place ar上海千花网论坛

e belonged to then. These problems do not have correct or wrong answer, what examinee needs to consider is streaky advantage.

8, computer science: How does pirate divide their money and valuables? 7 pirate have 100 gold coin, they should decide how to want to differentiate, and must abide by pirate regulation. Put forward to differentiate by pirate head plan, all pirate undertake polling to this plan. If half or more voting approve of differentiate plan, this holds water. If be less than the person of the half to poll, they will remove pirate head outer, begin afresh. So pirate head should how to other do 6 people put forward what to kind ofly differentiate proposal?

Stick person: This is the logistic problem of a standard. Those who make an on-the-spot investigation is whether the student can differentiate the problem into smaller subclass, be solved through passing algorithm. If they have doubt, should put forward, is not silent.

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