American orgnaization says ell Ni Nuo is likely this year is history the 3rd strong

Xinhua net Washington orgnaization of atmosphere of electric United States is newest on September 11 forecast think, the incident of ell Ni Nuo this year predicts to will last to December 2016, since and the likelihood is having a record the 3rd strong ell Ni Nuo.

Forecast the monthly report that this week issues the center according to American climate, tall extent of temperature rise of water of maritime space of equator of ministry of Pacific Ocean middle east will achieve 2 Celsius to control this year in August, explain incident of this ell Ni Nuo already upgraded to Jiangeerninuo’s level. T爱上海同城手机版

he report thinks, the 上海夜网

possibility that this incident of ell Ni Nuo has 95 % lasts to this year winter, and at wear off of next year spring, and intensity 上海千花网龙凤论坛

of its peak value will appear in Qiu Modong first.

Haing Er Po is in Michael of this orgnaization vice director to report to say on held press conference for this especially, no matter index looks from which, ninuodou won’t compare the ell this year 1997 to the ell Ni Nuojiang 1998. For instance, 1997 contemporaneity, maritime space of equator of ministry of Pacific Ocean midd爱上海龙凤419桑拿

le east warms up extent achieves about 4 Celsius, it is to warm up this year about double of extent.

Ha Erpo thinks especially, u上海千花社区

p to now, 1997 to the ell 1998 on Ni Nuo history the strongest, 1987 rank the 2nd to the ell Ninuo intensity 1988, and Ninuoke can discharge the ell this year the 3rd.

Ell Ni Nuo is water of Pacific Ocean equatorial maritime space Wen Yi often lifts phenomenon of a kind of when cause unusual climate, it often can cause Pacific Ocean periphery many areas climate is unusual, rainstorm of area of wh some of which is frequent, appear big damage caused by waterlogging is killed, little rain of high temperature of another some of area criterion, seriou上海千花网龙凤论坛

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