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Wisdom city

In travel of Xining of titanium media reporter, already experience crossed the sea to believe t上海龙凤论坛sh1f

he wisdom traffic system that in the light of Xining this long and narrow city design gives, can be aimed at current route besides adjust time of green light switch, this kind of algorithm is outspread even arrived green wave belt is on this paragraph of road, wagon flow assures certain speed, can all the way expedite, basicall爱上海同城论坛

y won’t encounter red light. Embrace in another block up western urban Guiyang, the wisdom traffic system that the sea believes shows its mystical place again.

The city is smooth rely on to optimize completely

The comrade of policeman team says with me at that time, if I can road of dredge treasure mountain, so the throughout the country’s other city liaison man embraces a problem to be able to be solved. Gate every arms tells the program engineer of subsidiary of Guiyang of science and technology of sea letter network titanium media reporter. Treasure mountain road is Guiyang a way is had most inside the city, it not only car flow is large, still many alterable and oriented driveway directs driveway is a kind of oriented driveway changeably, have the effect that indicates direction. One is to enter viatic to indicate (tide) , one is the directional directive after leaving way (direct changeably) . And what tide driveway points to is whole road, demonstrative is transport travelling direction.

Jockey administrative system

” traffic of main city of 2016 year China analyses a report ” in, guiyang impact year blocks TOP10 of city pop chart up, rank 5. The height has a delay time index for 1.911, this is meant go out to want to flow than freedom all right in fastigium (expedite) 1.9 times is cost more below condition, because person of a Guiyang blocks a car up to want every year floriferous 6842 yuan. Guiyang has an index round-the-clockly for 1.627, the height is average speed is 22.63km/h, round-the-clock and average speed is 25.95km/h.

Passed to be less than a year only, ” 2017 traffic of Chinese main city analyses a report first quarter ” show: Regard second line as urban Guiyang, exit the whole nation already formally to embrace a sheet of pop chart a list of names posted up, and become embrace alleviate the whole nation the first.

Guiyang mainstay line stopped car frequency to drop 35% , time queueing up shortened 27% . Rate of start off of car of the road inside area of core of Guiyang old city fell 21.53% , a section of a highway jams rate dropped 50% , crossing jams rate reduce 70% , average journey speed rises to the 17.6km/h after ca新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

rrying out from the 13.7km/h before carrying out, rose 28% , late rush hour shifted to an earlier date 30-40 minute end.

The intelligent terminal that Guiyang city policeman uses

The sea believes this profit from bear build two period command system of monitoring of intelligence of administration of traffic of Guiyang town road. This system includes video monitoring,上海龙凤论坛

get used to signal control, traffic to emulate oneself, blame spot executes the law, traffic information is collected in real time etc. Tubal inning is made in Guiyang city, titanium media reporter discovers, all policeman be out on duty and office already the platform on ingoing line. The policeman commutes give work done outside the office to must go up in the mobile phone have register one’s attendance at a meeting or at an office, execute the law and need to open mobile phone fixed position in working process, and judicatory recorder. Cooperate to spread all over the supervisory system that the main force inside whole Guiyang city, after directing a center to have a case in discovery, can rapid announcement brings space land into play to nod the closest policeman.

Wisdom traffic, restful city: Data can say

Wisdom traffic not just imply adjusts through intelligent algorithm road of signal lamp dredge, it still needs to permeate road to give the square side side of travel. Besides Cheng Jiangui’s open intelligent monitoring command system, sea letter is returned bear the BRT project that built Guiyang and subway a line is integrated supervisory system. Of BRT efficient move, need tiring-room intelligence attempers of the system cooperate, through sea letter intelligence of public transportation BRT attempers administrative system, can change according to current passenger flow and historical data, seasonable and reasonable class of platoon distributing a car.

Jam is spent detect

For instance, can pass a car inside photograph catch passenger amount to judge the crowded extent inside the car like the head, will decide to whether need to add hair regular bus. It is the position of car, OK at the same time to wait to station time accurate show the electronic screen inside the station to go up, convenient citizen is examined.

The sea believes a mind which perceives both past and future system

During 2017 Guiyang count rich to meet, the sea believes a mind which perceives both past and future and official investment to use. It can have voluminous traffic data handle and be analyticed, reveal among them crucial information with visible form come out, for instance road car analysis, car illegal analysis, road has an analysis, real time equipment of road condition analysis, nonlocal car analysis, transportation nods the data such as analysis of discharge of an analysis, crossing.

These data execute the law to the policeman have very big help effect, be in especially scientific and decision-making respect, it is to be in even chase convict respect.

2012, guiyang municipal government and sea letter made item of Guiyang day net jointly, project of period of just a little the 10000 many high-definition video supervisory system that photograph composition resembling a head.

The earliest when I come to Guiyang, just sent our fellow worker in the evening, was robbed on the road, gate every arms tells titanium media the reporter, need not carry a few girls more. They dare not go out in the evening. We carried on later day net project, the incident that grabs by force in the street decreases substantially.

Platform of monitoring of day network system

Because many monitoring was enclothed to photograph in Guiyang the city zone,be on one hand resemble a head; On the other hand, also be more crucial aspect, it is to searched the efficiency of guilty suspect to raise 10 thousand a lot of getting on that photograph to resemble a head, growing when the video that accumulative total films everyday is very considerable. If the processing technique according to the tradition, the likelihood needs to search guilty suspect from inside many video. And handle a case now the police needs to input the crucial information of guilty suspect in mat爱上海同城论坛

erial library only, for instance the age, appearance feature, case hair the dress circumstance that day, can single out the extract that accords with a feature from the sieve in huge video. Technology of structuralization of video of backside of video of monitoring of this profit from and person face identify a technology.

Only by this, build in those days, day net provided clue of crack a criminal case 6697, public security and criminal case are uncovered 2554 cases, arrest 1228 people, processing traffic violates 4.1 million, detect traffic cause trouble to escape case 39.

What detected 2015 is especially big in sending close a case, case policeman makes full use of the advantage with concentrated net of day of area of the lake that watch hill, solved the problem with sell an activity to obtain evidence difficult to passing before, began a large number of clew to comb, with one action seizes the class A that involves 7 provinces to pass sell a head 26, demolish pass the point that sell a check 10, repatriate is passed sell personnel 4000 more than person.

Discover alarm the processing flow after affection

Had the help that the sea believes, this city is in Guiyang the problem on traffic and public security got huge alleviates. And sea letter is early also not be only the past is common black and white home appliance produces business in customer key point, they were making wisdom traffic respect accumulate rich experience. This among them the famousest case, be afraid be about to belong to the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

The sea is believed – signal box

System of traffic of intelligence of Beijing Olympic Games began invite public bidding 2005, because understand the weak point of foreign brand product, beijing put forward his technology to test a level, sea letter also was participated in bid, go up finally in soft hardware quality and stability, of software prop up on, it is good that foreign skill is compared on algorithmic adaptability. 2008 up to now, investment of machine of signal of sea letter traffic is used already 9 years, year fault rate only 3.6% , excel abroad brand the international standard of 5% .

At present liaison man of product of core of letter intelligence traffic carries the sea to already held the market share of 29% , have in the market of system of fast and public transportation intelligence leading is to achieve 70% above more, aggregate shipment measures traffic signal controller successive 4 years of accumulative total the first. The big data concept that in these two years Internet enterprise heat fries still is centered in old on old data mining when, sea letter has used big data to be handled immediately truly, to international tycoon of banner science and technology dressed.

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