Rush into British golf to surpass 3 armour publicly insanity of tung of Chinese plum Hao is record-breaking

Without doubt, go one day, tung of Hao of young general plum of 21 years old of China is brushed exploded the friend circle of golf b阿拉爱上海同城

ound, in the golf that just ends one of 4 contests England makes public contest to go up, he depends on lowest of finals annulus full-court the mad expression of 63 lever, assembly accomplishment calm case is in the 3rd, refresh record of multinomial China golf. Be worth what carry is, tianjin during the 13rd the national games, plum Hao Tong general and woman golf vole Shan of Shan of ball hand Feng presents as leading role together Guangdong team, xiang Guanjun initiates concussion, gave the player that the Olympic Games makes an appointment with in battle on behalf of Chinese team these two last year, still write add romance.

Jing colourful expression grabs other star limelight

In the match, american player tall上海贵族宝贝交流区

of 23 years old Dan Sipisai with 268 lever (under standard lever 12 lever) assembly accomplishment gains the championship, become year champion player. Be the same as the horse of player of 39 years old of United States of the group with him Te Kuchaer is backward 3 lever win second place. If sheet looks from the expression of the last day, li Hao tung just is the star that makes person Jing colourful most on field apparently. Boy of this inland of 21 years old of China that takes part in the match for the first time, the 63 lever of full-court lowest were handed over in weekday, the total achievement with 274 lever (under standard lever 6 lever) the rank is alone the 3rd. This is Chinese inland player the best achievement that go up is surpassed in man golf vole.

Player of one numerous star can look at Li Hao tung helplessly to grab limelight only. And Northern Ireland player collect player of Li Maikeluoyi, Spain pulls Fa Kabuleila Beilue criterion with – the achievement rank of 5 is paratactic the 4th, 5 players rank is paratactic the 6th. The world the first Dasiting Johnson is in finals annulus is hit + the 77 lever of 7, rank finally with the total achievement of 284 lever paratactic the 54th.

“I did not think of to be able to be hit into such. Do not know why, begin from the 8th hole, I advance a hole all the time, really surprizing. ” Li Hao tung says. He keeps smooth standard staff all the time in before 7 his holes, be in the 8th, before the 9th hole was caught two birdie. The 9 holes after arriving, li Hao tung catchs next birdie in the 12nd hole, this is him 4 days since catch a bird in this hole for the first time, next with successive 4 birdie ended finally 4 holes.

Do not enter the world to 3 years top class

Li Hao tung achieved the multinomial record of Chinese golf: He surmounted Liang Wenchong to be in not only 2010 of PGA tounament paratactic the 8th, 63 lever also are up to now golf of Chinese inland man member what go up in vole contest is best sheet annulus achievement (with total staff plan) . Before this, liangwen developed the PGA tounament 2010 the 3rd round to hit 64 pole (- 8) , the lowermost staff that created howl gorge field counts a record.

Li Hao tung also locks up those who decided next year England to make public contest and American master game to take part in the match q上海千花网龙凤论坛

ualification, he will set foot 阿拉爱上海同城

on Aogusida for the first time in April in next year the lane of national golf club. July, he will appear in Aberdonian to block Nuosidigaoerfulinkesi, attend golf of the 147th England to make public contest. After be being surpassed considering Benchangbi, his world rank上海贵族宝贝论坛

s promotion (will fixed before entering 100) , last vole surpasses the year that Li Hao tung also will agree to will surely attend next month block Luo Laina city hold in American north — PGA tounament.

Li Hao tung also becomes the 2nd implementation accordingly ” complete slam ” — all be in the China that golf appears on on 4 vole contest outback man golf member. From 2014 end wins China of beautiful make one’s rounds to surpass bonus king, obtain beautiful make one’s rounds to surpass contest of itinerate of Wei Bai net to take part in the match the qualification begins, be less than 3 years, li 上海贵族宝贝

Hao tung made him world top class player.

This field match, li Hao tung harvested the largest brushstroke stake in professional career — 684 thousand dollar.