Japan is made newly mysteriously ” send complete mankind ” blossom eventually setting of last phase of an age of 5 beautiful girls daily

Game developed business Japan to opened a brand-new website recently, there is the seedling of green of one individual plant in the website, elapse to grow stage by stage as time, the issuance of an adumbrative new play. And seedling of this individual plant blossommed eventually today, it is half hours ago, fami connects exposure this par上海千花网交友

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e name is ” send complete mankind (へ of ま of さ of な of み of の of い of じ ん る ) (To All Of Mankind) ” . From the conduct propaganda that publish art pursues and the picture inside game can reach, this 上海千花网交友

is the game of setting of a last phase of an age, the story happens in double ended radius sleeker former, the daily life that the beautiful girl that if spend,told about 5 gets on i爱上海同城论坛

n approximately bedraggled city relics. Can say very accord with mystery premonitory in the pure and fresh style that seedling blossoms. The artistic design of game holds a knife by う of ゆ of winter of painter spring summer, its are Galgame on behalf of work新上海贵族宝贝论坛

” love and election and chocolate ” , ” want to tell an elder brother now, I am a little sister! ” , ” Cang Zhi those square quartet ” wait. More will be in about the detailed news that makes newly announced on the magazine of newest first phase of put on sale on Feburary 14. Game lands platform to be PS4/Switch, still have no message of exact time of put on sale at present.