End ” elite: Dangerous ” the government affirms supportive Oculus Rift

” elite: Dangerous ” the relationship with virtual reality is very strange. Frontier development business is one of numerous prepare person with the earliest Oculus Rift, provided old support for Rift hardware business – announce it will not support Oculus suddenly nevertheless, turn and support SteamVR.

Subsequently, frontier affirms the Oculus Rift that will continue to support consumer edition, say to cannot talk about this before Oculus announces a news.

Oculus Rift now already put on sale, by the way one, although quantity of supply of goods is very few, nevertheless order had backed up. HTC Vive is in the respect that offer money also is shortage. The player that awaits equipment feels depressed, nevertheless for the future to VR, this is a good sign. PS VR may be the massest equipment, because it is cheaper, PSVR will be in in October put on sale.