2D of the person that horror is reaped is horizontal board make newly ” Deadbolt ” land Steam now

Make game style originally similar ” Miami hot line ” , was full of the element such as corpse, force. The part that the player acts is a person that reap, should go calm down the commotion of an outside. The person that reap enters a house to use the weapon such as small knife, firearms to kill whole robot funeral dead body, although game is small, but behavioral rhythm move is very sharp. Play rise carefree move is very. What need an attention nevertheless is, him person that reap is very flimsy, biff gets killed, so the player needs to take care doubly.

Number of the job in game exceeds 30, the sort of an eccentric person also has 35 to plant, arrive from corpse big Boss have everything that one expects to find. As to weapon respect, this making also offerred more than 30 kinds of alternatives for the player, weapon of the person that no matter be traditional,reap or automatic grenade are detonated implement wait have everything that one expects to find a moment.