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In daily life, hypertensive patient is very common, in living at ordinary times, hypertensive patient has a lot of things is needing an attention. For instance, they cannot eat too much salty thing, also cannot appear too ultra the mood that change is fluctuant, these possible meetings spur high blood pressure. The main show of hypertensive get ill is limb comaFall in love with the sea

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, giddy dazzled, get ill of so hypertensive patient how should handle?

How does hypertensive get ill do

Inchoate symptom basically behaves: Often feel giddy after rage or overworked, have a headache, dazed, lack of power, bosom the symptom such as frowsty, insomnia. Bilge with giddy, head painful for main show, the symptom with abiogenesis limb coma, inflexible neck. Blood pressure often shows temporarily elevatory sentimentLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Besides, much meeting considers as a mood the influence and be ignored.

The main show that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks inadequacy of shade of the much Yang Shangkang that belong to liver, kidney and woman the turn of life are hypertensive. IntercurrentForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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1, hypertensive heart disease, blood pressure is long-term heighten, increase ventricular burden and cause ventricular fleshy, expand. Can appear sometimes palpitation feels urgently compatibly, serious when the gas after occurrence labor is urgent, nightly clonic breathing difficulty and bloodshot sex heart failure.

How does hypertensive get ill do

2, apoplectic: Because exorbitant blood pressure broke through cerebral blood stream self-adjusting limits, and produce convulsion of blood-vessel of thrombus of cerebral haemorrhage, head, head to wait.

3, hypertensive urgent disease: The symptom such as obstacle of faintness of the headache that blood pressure lifts suddenly and appears, giddy, eyesight, disgusting vomiting, consciousness, convulsions.

Hypertension is the disease of one each force not merely, the element of main risk high that at the same time it regards heart head as hemal disease again, bring about the fit of the injury of the main organ such as heart, head, kidney and relevant disease, the most infrequent have a head apoplectic, miocardial infarction and kidney function exhaustion. Send when hypertensive patient disease from time to tome method of the following kinds of emergency treatment:

How does hypertensive get ill do

1, the patient is after overworked or excitement, produce angina pectoris, even miocardial infarction or acute heart failure, ache of the area before the heart, bosom is frowsty, outspread to back of cervical, left shoulder or upper limbs, complexion is cadaverous, give cold sweat, should make a patient right now quiet rest, take a monobel, inspiratory oxygen.

2, blood pressure lifts suddenly, companion has disgusting, vomiting, acuteness have a headache, flustered, frequent micturition even the line of sight is ambiguous, already appeared namely hypertensive head is ill. Family should comfort a patient to fasten insecurity, lie in bed rests, take depressor in time, still can take diuretic, tranquillizer additionally to wait.

3, the patient is abrupt palpitation be discouraged, show sit up breathing condition, lip cyanosis, limbs activity is out of order, companion cough up is pink when bubble appearance is phlegmy, want to consider to have exhaustion of acute left heart, should bade patient double leg is flagging, take seat, be like stock oxygenFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Air bag, seasonable and inspiratory oxygen, dial quickly 120.

4, when hypertensive patient comes on, meeting companion has cerebral blood-vessel accident, except have a headache, outside vomiting, even recognizant obstacle or limbs break down, want to make a patient smooth lie right now, head deflection a side, lest when acuteness vomiting willLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Puke is inspiratory spirit way, inform emergency treatment of the center next.