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To female friend, a lot of body problems can be encountered after marry, for instance1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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In genital official this on one hand, suffer from easily on various department of gynaecology are ill, among them with vaginitis and uterine debaucjed most common. Fall in the support of modern medicine nevertheless, these diseases still have cure of certain square law, it is OK that the patient needs to cooperate actively only. So, filled in is Xiao Meishuan OK pee?

Filled in is Xiao Meishuan OK pee?

It is possible, did not affect, but in sheet of debaucjed of the heavy neck that spend palace relies on medicaments is cured very hard, suggest best physics is treated

Can take therapy of benefit general knife, LEEP Dao Wei achieves a technology is a kind of when roll out in the light of patient of palace neck debaucjed technically efficient naturopathy, can undertake keeping clear of in the round to erosion face, without painful, do not leave scar, suit maidenShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, not the female of Yo, right all round constituent loss is small, do not affect palace neck flexibility, withhold the patient’s fecundity. Commonly it is OK that the medium, heavy person that spend erosion needs a surgery only

Filled in is Xiao Meishuan OK pee?

Xiao Meishuan, in officinal name. For ill agent of department of gynaecology, have clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, dry is wet kill insect, the effect of dispel saprophytic flesh. Advocate the morbid that treats be caused by of chip in of damp and hot is ill, disease sees morbid measures much, quality yellow, qualitative stiff, fishy, the person that debaucjed of neck of vaginitis of sex of trichomonad of pubic Sao urticant; , mould sex vaginitis, blame particularity vaginitis, palace sees afore-mentioned card are awaited.


1. is tasted originally forShanghai noble baby

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The vagina gives drug, prohibit to be taken orally.

2. avoid laboriousShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Hot, raw or cold food, fat food.

During 3. is treated avoid sex, if the spouse has infection to should be treated at the same time.

Filled in is Xiao Meishuan OK pee?

Menses of married woman of unfavorable use; reachs 4. single woman the vagina is local the person that have damaged is unfavorable use.

The patient after 5. menopause, should be in next the doctor is directive use.

The Sao of pathological changes of 6. vulva white, diabetic be caused by is urticant unfavorable use.

7. morbid accompanies secretion of courage and uprightness, or companion has frequent micturition, make water urgent, make water is painful person, should go to a hospital seeing a doctor.

If burn feeling waits,8. uses medical position not timely should stop drug, serious person should go to a hospital seeing a doctor.

9. notices sanitation, prevent to repeat infection. Abluent both hands answers when before using drug, answering to clean vulva; to give drug with warm boiled water first or wear fingertip or glove.

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10. cotton bolt puts the vagina to should not exceed 12 hours, takeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Cotton plug is pulled when going out, make feculent secretion is able to keep clear of.