[the effect of plain beans and action]

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In the life a lot of people are preferred eat plain beans, wear a beans to be called to be horsebean again, the nutrient value of this kind of bean is particularly tall, and there are a lot of families to meet his to cultivate horsebean in the country, horsebean can use make it dish not only, still can use the move that boil to eat frying eat, but after wanting to eat delicious horsebean to must choose horsebean to mature, pluck again, so wear what effect and effect to have?

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One, brainworker of harmonic the vital organs of the human body can eat broad bean more

Horsebean, weigh beans of beans of Hu Dou, Buddha, plain beans, an old name for Japan, arhat beans to wait again, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, its flavour pleasant, small laborious, the gender is smooth, avirulent, advocate benefit stomach bowel is excreted, harmonic the vital organs of the human body. To the person that often drinks, usable horsebean seedling extractives, have the favorable effect that see alcoholic drink.

Dietetics thinks, contain in horsebean adjust cerebrum and the important part calcium that nerve organizes, zinc, manganese, phosphatide, contain rich bilestone alkaline, have those who enhance memory function of be good at brain, so if you are dealing with an exam or be mental worker, might as well eat broad bean appropriately, in order to achieve result of be good at head. The calcium in horsebean, be helpful for the skeleton absorption to calcium and calcify, the growth that can promote human body skeleton development. A large number of protein are contained in horsebean, soja is next to in the legume of daily edible, and amino acerbity sort is relatively all ready, especially lysine content is rich. The prandial fiber in horsebean skin has the effect that reduces peristalsis of cholesterol, stimulative bowel, modern still thinks horsebean also is one of food that fight cancer, have effect to preventing alvine cancer.

 The effect of plain beans and action

2, horsebean sends allergic horsebean ill patient easily to answer avoid horsebean

Horsebean mediates brainworker of the vital organs of the human body can eat more

Horsebean is the vegetable with very high value of a kind of nutrition, but because of horsebean especially bright horsebean contains allergic gene, so someone took horsebean to be able to produce allergic phenomenon, they smell even also meet after horsebean pollen odour allergic. Basically express many now red blood cell to be destroyed, hair of the skin, eyeball is yellow, common says ” horsebean is yellow ” . This is the disease that blemish of metabolization of a kind of transmissibility causes, because the lack inside body calls dehydrogenation of dextrose of 6- phosphoric acid one kind enzymatic enzymatic be caused by,be. If because ofForum of Shanghai night net

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Eat horsebean happening to pass1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Quick crowd, scarcely should take horsebean or its product again, have familial history person also cannot eat broad bean.

Additional, horsebean must be thoroughlied cook when cooking boil fully square can edible. Because take leather horsebean prandial fiber content is high, unfavorable eat more, lest accentuate the burden to intestines and stomach.

Nutrient value: Tender horsebean is OK beneficial is enraged be good at lienal, benefit wet detumescence. Additional, its nutrition is rich, horsebean of every 100 grams contains carbohydrate of 9 grams protein, 19 grams, still contain a lot ofa variety of healthful nutriment such as B of prandial fiber, calcic, phosphor, Potassium, vitamin, carotene. The protein in tender horsebean, soja is next to in all sorts of legume. It still contains cerebrum and nerve organizationForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Phosphatide of important composition composition and rich choline, have the effect that enhances memory, be good at head. In addition, horsebean is food of low quantity of heat, to tall blood fat, hypertension and cardiovascular disease patient, it is very high grade green food. Modern still thinks horsebean also is one of food that fight cancer, have effect to preventing alvine cancer.

Season vegetable: Tender horsebean is a kind seasonal very strong season is vegetable, should before it is too late edible. After rinding, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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If bean top resembles the crescent moon form like fingernail showing reseda, explain horsebean is very tender, can take housing to if had blackened,eat; , with respect toLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The specification is old, the content of vitamin C can drop somewhat. Horsebean is fresh and tender degree different, have a way also each different. Tender horsebean can be thoroughlied cook, or with a few oil stir-fry before stewing is fried, fresh and tender and goluptious. Old horsebean is OK piece of make it beans is short, or wait to boil boiling water together with the egg, the entrance is lubricant, exquisite. Be in southern region, useful still horsebean and rice cook, the tradition that boils congee, can add the protein content in the meal so, reduce nutrient loss.

 The effect of plain beans and action

Feed diligent effect: Traditional medicine thinks horsebean flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, the beneficial in can filling via; into lienal, stomach is angry, be good at lienal beneficial stomach, clear hot advantage is wet, hemostatic step-down, difficult choice stops take; advocate the air in treating is inadequate, listless feed less, hypertensive, haemoptysis, nosebleeding blood, the woman carries coarse disease. The tender horsebean congee that boil can be mixed bowel of stomach, embellish is aperient, have fine effect to chronic constipation. Horsebean bine is hemostatic, stop astringent of leaf of have diarrhoea; is hemostatic. Spend cool blood, collect of income of carapace of pod of wet; of ooze of diuresis of skin of hemostatic; seed is hemostatic.