[have loose bowels can take convenient side]

Article introduction

Have loose bowels can say is very common disease, some person abdomen catch cold catch cold bring about intestines and stomach unwell have loose bowels, some people criterion because food is undeserved be caused by, return what some people cause because of stomach ailment. But know, have loose bowels when dietary recuperation is very importantShanghai noble baby

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, some food are inedible. So, can have loose bowels take convenient side? Can Where is aggravating disease? Introduce in detail for everybody below fall.

Can have loose bowels take convenient side

Can have loose bowels take bubble side

Can not take convenient side. Convenient cover is deepfry food, possible can aggravating diarrhoea. The patient food appropriate of have loose bowels is delicate, the congee that drink a dot, much eat vegetable fruit the meeting is better. Eat bit of apple, pomegranate more, can thoroughly cook the apple eat, but cannot eat the cool sex fruit such as watermelon banana pear. Be sure to keep in mind not to eat acrimony, stodge, can accentuate in that way of the burden of intestines and stomach. The egg also cannot eat. Need to give when necessary medication.

Can have loose bowels take convenient side

It what have loose bowels eats is good that what have loose bowels eats

1, eat a fruit

Have loose bowels can eat some of fruit to assist cure, but not all fruit can eat. Have loose bowels can eat apple, pomegranate to wait; Have loose bowels can not eat pear, watermelon, banana to wait. Cut the apple small even leather belt kernel, put in water to boil 3 ~ 5 minutes, wait for lukewarm hindShanghai noble baby

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Edible. Those who need an attention is, when the apple that thoroughlies cook in edible, unfavorable add sucrose to flavor, may accentuate because of sucrose diarrhoea.

2, drink congee

Have loose bowels can drink bit of white congee that adds salt, the proposal does not put the meat. Fleshy congee also is met burden of aggravate intestines and stomach, after bellyacke defecate, although ache alleviates, but right now intestines and stomach appears because of inflammation the oedema of different level, if take fleshy course, can aggravating illness, accordingly after diarrhoea two to 3 days inside, dietary Ying Yiqing is weak give priority to, might as well drink bit of white congee, add a few salt.

3, eat cooked wheaten food

Have loose bowels needs to eat food of a few easier digestive, cooked wheaten food is right choice. Noodle nutrition is rich, and digest more easily absorb, the person that eating noodle so is have loose bowels a very good choice. But, yesForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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For the person at have loose bowels, eating noodle does not want too fat, too oilyShanghai noble baby

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The word of be bored with will be aggravating burden of intestines and stomach.

Can have loose bowels take convenient side

Note of have loose bowels

1, avoid is outer repast. Resistance of chronic diarrhoea patient is poorer, gastric bowel erupts simultaneously easily infection, want to notice dietetic hygiene, avoid eats of the previous night or degenerative food, more cannot informal outside the repast in eating house, otherwise diarrhoea has a relapse easily insteadLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Make, more cure hard.

2, avoid catch cold catch cold catchs a cold.

3, avoid nurses not. Diarrhoea patient is like diarrhoea for many times, should special attention nurses anally, lest produce anal inflammation and debaucjed. After diarrhoea, with the wadding with strong water imbibition as far as possible will anal gently wipe up, use warm water hip bath everyday, besmear in anal place a few fat doses try to protect.

4, avoid is drinkable food. The pathological changes of acute abdominal disease is in celiac viscera, make gastric bowel path cannot fulfil the digestive function of airframe. If eat the inflammation of can aggravating abdominal cavity and liquid oozy, or bowel appears to bilge after aggravating block, vomiting and art gas.

5, avoid eats milk and seafood.

6, avoid eats duck meat.

7, avoid has soft-shelled turtle. Soft-shelled turtle sex is smooth, slant cool, ” a book on Chinese medicine anew ” say, soft-shelled turtle ” lienal empty person big fear ” , reason should diet.

8, avoid eats jellyfish. Jellyfish sex is made the same score and slant cool, hurt Yang Zhuhan, illness of accentuation of the meeting after edible, reason should diet.

9, avoid eats food yield gas. Because this disease breaks out repeatedly, in colonic mucous membrane, fiber of ulcer, scar arises alternately, and make the flexibility of colonic wall is reduced, if fed soja and its goods, yam to wait more,bilge gas food, may cause the complication such as acute bowel dilate or ulcer, perforation because of plentiful of the gas inside bowel, reason should diet.

10, avoid eats duck’s egg. Duck’s egg sex is cool, contain a lot ofgrease, can hurt taste to slip easily again already bowel sends have diarrhoea, edible will be aggravating illness, reason avoid is fed more.

11, avoid eats oaten. Oaten slippery have diarrhoea, edible of patient of enteritis, diarrhoea will be aggravating illness, reason should diet.

12, avoid eats greasily fat food.

Article introduction, also introduced have loose bowels what to eat to had been compared. As the patient of a have loose bowels, you had better be not to take bubble side, because bubble surface is deepfry food, mayShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Burden of aggravating intestines and stomach, make the case of have loose bowels more severe. Have loose bowels when you can eat a few food that the article recommends gift is nice.