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Face depressed disease a lot of people can appear this kind of disease, its are one of psychological diseases with very common human body, the influence to human body is bigger. Face depressed disease disease of this kind of psychology also is to need people to be able to take effective measures in time to may appear of cure, recuperation otherwise have more severe case. Depressed disease can understand surfeit to be treated with a few food, what does the food that depressed disease is treated below have.

Treat the food of depressed disease

1, deep water fish: Research thinks, the Omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil can arise commonly used the similar action that fights blue medicine to be like carbonic acid lithium, make psychological angst of the person is reduced.

2, banana: Banana contains a kind to call alkaloid (the material of Alkaloid) , can hearten spirit and raise hope. And the best origin that banana is lubricious amine acid and vitamin B6, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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These can help cerebrum reduce somber mood.

3, grapefruit: Grapefruit not only fragrance is full-bodied, can purify more multifarious feeling, life-giving wake the C of high volume vitamin that its contain cerebral; , can maintain the chroma of red blood cell not only, increase resistanceA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Force, and it is to participate in human body to make much cling to amine, adrenal hormone ” excited ” one of important part of material.

Treat the food of depressed disease

4, spinach: Spinach is divided outside containing a large number of iron to pledge, have the folic acid that human body place needs more. If human body lacks folic acid, can cause mental disease, include depressed disease and early old sex gawkish etc. Consider to discover, those people that cannot shoot enough folic acid cannot fall asleep after 5 months, arise forgetful wait for a symptom with angst.

5, garlic: Germany is opposite in the light of garlic the research that reduces cholesterol effect, investigation asks curl shows, after eating garlic, the person feels not easy and tiredA pulls loveLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, angst is reduced, be angry not easily.

6, pumpkin: Pumpkin can create good intention situation, because they contain a lot ofvitamin B6 and iron,be, these two kinds of nutriment can help the blood sugar change that body place stores become dextrose, dextrose is the fuel of cerebral ministry only, can help human body keep exuberant energy.

7, low fat milk: A research of the United States discovers, let have the disease before classics group the calcium tablet that the woman took 1000 milligram after 3 months, the person of 3/4 becomes not quite nervous, termagancy or angst. Low fat or defatted milk are calcic optimal origin.

Treat the food of depressed disease

8, contain selenium kind food: British psychologist people after giving the Selenium that received testee testee to eat 100 microgramme, suffer the person that try to react generally, feel spirit is very good, feeling is more harmonious. The rich origin of selenium has dried fruit, chicken, seafood, complete corn to wait. Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The carbohydrate of compound sex, be like biscuit of whole wheat bread, soda, the trace that its contain is mineral be like selenium, can improve a sentiment.