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Article introduction

The nutrient value in goose egg is very high, contain rich protein, adipose, vitamin to wait, proper edible has huge profit to the body, especially to weak and sick person it is first selection more. Of egg of the goose in the life eat a law to have a lot of kinds, put together with onion for instance fry first-rate, nutrient value will be higher, it is OK to be returned additionally make it panbroils egg of the goose of goose egg poached eggs, water that boil.

Can goose egg fry onion together?

One, onion fries goose egg practice

Onion is abluent cut into shreds, goose egg has been hit put a few salt, boiler adds oil of a few bottom to issue chopped green onion to fry sweet, add goose eggLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Fry to 8 into put aside, fry onion silk to into boiler again become angry next eggs that enter goose, break up fry a pan twice can.

Can goose egg fry onion together?

2, the nutrient analysis of goose egg

1.Substantial nutrient part is contained in goose egg, be like protein, adipose, mineral1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Wait for; with the vitamin

2.A variety of protein are contained in goose egg, mix at most the mainest is albumen the yolk phosphor albumen in albumen of medium white of an egg and yoke, human body place is full of in protein must all sorts of amino acid, it is complete protein, easily human body is digested absorb;

3.The adipose majority in goose egg is centered inside yoke, contain more phosphatide, arranging an in part among them is lecithin, the development that these composition organize to the person’s head and nerve has major action;

4.In goose egg mineral basically contain within yoke, iron, phosphor and calcic content are more, be absorbed easily also to use; by human body

5.The vitamin in goose egg is very rich also, there are rich vitamin A, D, E, riboflavin and sulfur amine element in yoke, the vitamin in albumen is in the majority with riboflavin and Nick acid, these vitamins also are human body place must vitamin.

Can goose egg fry onion together?

3, the relevant cookbook of goose egg

1, panbroil pouch goose egg

With makings: Goose egg 1, soy a few

Practice: Infiltrate goose egg in the bowl, burn hot Huo, put half bowls of oil, heat up slightly, put goose egg with decoct of medium baking temperature, according to individual be fond of,

Can decoct comes half1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Unripe ripe, or completely ripe, or two sides is golden, cheng Qi lies between oil, put dish to asperse some of soy can.

Be when omelette or can asperse some of pepper, fine salt.

2, egg of the water goose that boil

With makings: Goose egg 1, water half boiler. Salt of half small spoon.

Practice: Salt is put into water, boil boil, after water is boiling, put the egg into water to boil with ladle. If chorion splitsNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, add some of vinegar to be able to make albumen caky prevent to flow, in glacial water is being put immediately after been boil, such chorion will be better pare.

Boiled time:

3 minutes, albumen is caky young tender, yoke half ripe.

6 minutes, albumen is caky, yoke half ripe.

Ten minutes, the egg is completely ripe. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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