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There are a lot of people to be able to appear in the life the condition with in relief weak deficiency of vital energy, have a few people so for him complement this world inside body is enraged, eat a few fruits with respect to meeting choice, because of the nutrient value that contains a lot ofinside the fruit it is very tall, and the mouthfeel that the fruit tastes is first-rate, often eat a fruit to also have certain effect to enhancing the immune power of oneself, can you complement so what does the fruit of in relief gas have?

 The fruit that filling this world enrages

Filling this world is angry the most effective method

1, filling this world enrages the most effective method

Environmental attune is photographed, as a result of constitution of deficiency of yang person happy event is warm be afraid of cool, be able to bear or endure Chun Xia is not able to bear or endure Qiu Dong, increase human body strength. Want to often be enteredA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna
Travel sunbathe, every time 15 ~ 20 minutes, ultraviolet ray conduces to increase human body strength.

Medication, prejudicial deficiency of yang person, appropriate adds monkshood soup; to slant with cassia twig lienal deficiency of yang person, ; of the soup in choosing put in order slants kidney deficiency of yang person,

Mental take good care of sb, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, deficiency of yang is the further progress of deficiency of vital energy, the person that so in relief gas is not worth often shows a sentiment not beautiful, easily sad, reason must strengthen mental take good care of sb, should be good at adjusting oneself affection, go care Bei, prevent frighten and happy event is angry, remove the effect of undesirable mood.

 The fruit that filling this world enrages

Strengthen physical training, because ” change unripe this world ” , so the proposal undertakes 2 times the body exercises 1 ~ everyday, time is 1 hour of above, specific project is decided because of physical strength. Dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food.

The food that Wen Buyang enrages

Spinach: ? Favour dumpling holds Gan Liang of? spinach sex, enter classics of bowel, stomach, have enrich the blood, the benefit the five internal organs, arteries and veins that connect blood, stop liver of high and level tone of thirsty embellish bowel, grow, aid digestion, clear the effect such as intestines and stomach, to diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain not easy is intercurrent stomach trouble, have a headache dazzled and anaemia have relatively beautiful assists curative effect. Those who need an attention is, spinach contains oxalic acid more, after eating what is appropriate to the occasion to use boiling water scald first again cook, lest cloggy airframe is right calcic absorption.

Leek: ? Silent the? that jump captive can enhance the energy of life of human body taste, can warm suddenly in spring cold still when dispel shade comes loose cold, raise this world to protect liver. Because contain cellulose more, leek still has the aperient effect that promotional bowel wriggles, antrum of advantageous and clean bowel. Those who need an attention is, leek sex heat helps this world, the person that constitution of deficiency of yin with irritability or body have sore ulcer is unfavorable edible, because leek contains protein taller, chronic nephrosis and gouty patient Ying Shen are used.

 The fruit that filling this world enrages

Red jujube: ? Dumb two of short for Weihe River of  of Qiang page Q: 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Research makes clear, because composition of some kind of special compound is contained to just can restrain hepatitis inside red jujubeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Red jujube still has the protective liver, effect that enhances immune power.